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Why does SGS has grayed buttons?


The buttons are grayed when the software is not activated. This can occur when the hard drive has been changed or if SGS installation is not yet activated. You may call the technical service department in order to achieve the activation.


Why does the software freezes while opening during update?


The SGS update system automatically checks all new update available and installs it. The update may concern scanner/turnstile, when those devices are opened, the update is unable to be install properly. We recommend you to close the scanner/turnstile and to reboot SGS.


How can I manage my accountancy with such software?


It is of primary importance for any type of company to manage its accountancy, to produce its payroll, financial reports…. Each software must thus allow a complete integration with the accountant systems in order to facilitate the transfer of information, thus avoiding the double data capture and consequently, to reduce risks of errors. Software SGS.NET produces a daily report with the entry to be transferred in the accountant system. This entry may be either posted to the General Ledger during the current period, the preceding period or into a batch. There is no need to ever manually enter your financial information into your accounting system, all is done automatically, quickly and simply.


Can I manage the access to my center with this type of software?


Certainly, in order to have the best fitness management system, you must verify if the software can allow and restrict access to members according to several preset criteria.

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