General characteristics

SGS is a very flexible software allowing you to manage your business as if you created the system by yourself!

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Members management

Unlimited number of members, history for each member, visits consultation, picture catch, customized comment on scan for each member, quick search information tools, sounds available at scan while bar code reading.

Contracts management
Unlimited number of contract types with possibility of limited sessions, free months configurable rules, possibility of creating family contracts, possibility of assigning contracts to a company, possibility of assigning contracts to multiple people.
Customer relationship management
Automatic and customized e-mail mailing for new members, promotions, prospects, subscriptions ends and renewal.
Inter-centers management
Data centralized, portability of the membership, web access system to network master, data warehouse system, real-time follow-up of marketing efforts, management dashboard.
Private training management
Booking appointments, followed by SMS (soon), Sale of private training contract and monitoring sessions, unlimited management appointment type, personalized monitoring and historical records of purchases, special display option of the scan.
Accounting management
Daily report exportation into Acomba Fortune 1000, General ledger accounts management, PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT BY Electronic financial transfer AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING.
Point of sale
Possibility of assigning sales to members, to non-members or to employees, Products sales with scan.
Clients: Birthdays, Members, Time traffic by day, Time traffic by hour, Members by age, User traffic, Credit card expiration. Contracts: Active contracts, Contract sales, Subscriptions ends, Contract/sales account statement, Contract / sales paid in advance, In hand payment, Deposits forecast. Point of sale: Full product list, Net income, Inventory move, Automatic order. Daily reports: Search archives, New daily report.
Access control
Short keys, Multitasks, Integrated inventory and petty cash management to facilitate openings and closings, Possibility of integrating fixed and / or commissions percentage on the sales of products and subscriptions, Hosting possibility, Multi-warehouse management, Unlimited users with restrictions by users, Customized contract, Contract, invoice and payment according to the customer language, (French or English)
Managing a GYM Facility is a real job for any owner. The main goal of any gym is to offer services to members. The profitability and the reach of objectives is a must to the life of any fitness facility.

Success criteria

  • Being able to be paid
  • Being able to renew membership
  • Being able to recruit new members
  • Being able to know our members
  • Accoutant methods

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